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Other consular services



1. Orignal document and copy (copy to be retained at the Embassy). If it is a copy of the original to be certified then the applicant should bring two copies and the original document

2. Academic certificates (Degrees, Diplomas, KCSE certificates e,t.c) will be authenticated at no charge at the Embassy

3. All other documents will be authenticated at USD 20 per document. Please avail the exact amount in cash.

Kindly note that only Kenyan Documents certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Kenya, can be certified or legalized at the Embassy of Kenya Moscow.


1. Original document duly authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Applicant. The document should bear proof of certification (seal and signature)

2. A fee of USD 20 per document payable in cash. Please avail the exact amount in cash.

H.E. the Ambassador made an official visit to the Lipetsk Region between the 3rd and 6th April 2013

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