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Welcome to the official website of the Kenyan Embassy in the Russian Federation with accreditation to Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. 


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Kenyans in the Russian Federation, Republics of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine who have not yet registered with the Embassy should do so at the earliest opportunity.

H.E. the Ambassador made an official visit to the Lipetsk Region between the 3rd and 6th April 2013


H.E Dr. Paul Kurgat and H.E. Chikahito Harada pose for a photo after the meeting

On 29th September 2014, H.E. the Ambassador Dr. Paul Kurgat paid a courtesy call to the Japanese Ambassador to the Russian Federation H.E. Chikahito Harada. The Ambassador while thanking his Japanese counterpart for receiving him took the opportunity to express his condolence to the victims of the volcano erruption in Japan that had happened on 28th September 2014.

During the visit, discussions were held on the possibility of sharing economic/trade information between the two Embassies in the future. The Ambassador sought information on Japanese experience in doing business in Russia's Far East and if there exists markets for Kenyan cut-flowers, tea and coffee. On his part H.E. Chikahito pointed out that in the past they had found doing business in the far east difficult and that most Japanese business was concentrated in European Russia. He also added that he was not aware of Japanese business people selling Kenyan cut-flowers tea or coffee. He however pointed out that the Far East was a big market or Japanese used cars.


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