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Welcome to the official website of the Kenyan Embassy in the Russian Federation with accreditation to Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. 


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Visa applications are accepted Monday to Friday  except during public holidays from 0900hrs - 1300hrs  and from 1400hrs to 1630hrs.


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Kenyans in the Russian Federation, Republics of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine who have not yet registered with the Embassy should do so at the earliest opportunity.




H.E. the Ambassador made an official visit to the Lipetsk Region between the 3rd and 6th April 2013
Foreigners to get six-month East Africa Tourism Visa



courtesy photo: Dailly Nation

Foreigners in possession of a valid work or residence permit in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda will be given an East African Tourism visa valid for six months. This will allow them to move freely to and from any of the coountries of residence to visit without having to pay for an extra visa for a period of six months. The visa will cost USD 100

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