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in the Russian Federation
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Dear Visitors
Welcome to the official website of the Kenyan Embassy in the Russian Federation with accreditation to Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Ambassador Benson H.O. Ogutu arrived in Moscow on 19th February, 2021 and assumed his position as the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Kenya to the Russian Federation with accreditation to Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. H. E. Ogutu, is a consummate diplomat with a wealth of experience spanning over 3 and a half decades.
15.03.2021 18:03
The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya would like to inform arrival of Deputy Head of Mission, Amb. Joshua Mugodo, a distinguished long serving diplomat.
14.03.2021 17:03
Amb. B.H.O Ogutu, MBS hosted and addressed Kenyan Diaspora Association in Volgograd.
22.10.2021 17:10
Travelers arriving to Kenya:
1. All travelers to Kenya are required to have a negative PCR test done within 96 hours before travelling.
2. All vaccinated travelers are also required to have a negative PCR test.
3. Test must be in English language.
4. As soon as one is issued with a boarding pass, he/ she should fill in the details of her arrival to Kenya on the Ministry of Health’s portal using https://ears.health.go.ke/airline_registration/

Travelers departing from Kenya:
1. It is NOT a requirement for Kenyan authorities that a traveler must have a PCR test before departing Kenya. PCR test requirement depends on the destination the traveler is destined to.
2. Prior departing from Kenya, the traveler should find out from the country he/she is travelling to what kind of CoVID-19/ health form to fill.
3. Russian tourists are NOT required to have PCR test before departing Kenya.
Our vision
To be a modern diplomatic mission committed to efficient and effective diplomatic representation.
Our mission
To provide quality diplomatic representation and to embody the aspirations of the Kenyan people and international community through diplomatic contacts, integration, transmission, and utilization of diplomatic knowledge for the development and prosperity of Kenyan people in particular and mankind in general.
Our core values
To realize the above vision and mission statements the following shared core values and moral standards of the people of Kenya, Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, shall be nurtured to include and not limited to: patriotism, team work, collective responsibility, professionalism, discipline, dignity, integrity and equity.